Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My BMX videos - rehashed once again!

Seriously, Dave, are you still milking your decade-old footage of New England BMXers? Nah, not really. But there are people who read this blog (roughly 2 people a day, awesome huh?) who might not have searched Vimeo. So what the hell, I'll play regurgitate-a-video one more time. If you're looking for a specific BMX rider from Massachusetts, I've listed the names above the videos. Enjoy...again.

Kevin Valentine

Mark Rainha

Bill Bachman, John Maul, Max Lee, Kevin Valentine, Sean Jordan, Sean Maher, Mike "Weasel" Still, Tony Long

Dave Muggleston, Angel (Anjel?) Tejeda-Sanchez

Tom Masterson, Ryan Worcester, Seth Holton, Dave Leib, Larry Bakke, Jared Zorawski, Dave Muggleston, Jared Souney, Charlie Ronayne, Steve Wight, Team Ugly, Joe Grimaldi, Mike "Burger" Burgamaster, Mike Macisco, Brian Yeagle

Mark Rainha, Steve Kneeland

Crashes, Sean Rudzinsky