Sunday, January 23, 2011

An old Kenan Harkin wallride photo at CT Bike Exchange

Kenan Harkin. New York rider. Bicycle Stunts contest announcer. TV commentator. The first guy to pull a 360 backflip. Someone who deserves my respect and yours for pushing and promoting the sport of BMX.

But you could have learned that (in a much more coherent form) on Wikipedia. Why would I regurgitate it here?

Simple: I was cleaning a shelf in my house today, and I found this photo of Kenan tucked into a frame behind another photo. I'm assuming that I shot it (because it's improperly framed, poorly detailed, and slightly out of focus), but I might have gotten it from another 'zinemaker. It's dated June, 1994. Kenan's doing a pretty burly wallride out of the mini ramp during a jam the CT Bike Exchange skatepark in Bristol, Connecticut.

So there you go: an old photo of Kenan Harkin doing a wallride. Enjoy.